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Update One: Canada, Spain, Italy

Life's a blast.

Hung out with some pirates.

And sat in the queen's chair in the oldest legislative building in Canada. (Spent the entire time in museums, not hanging with pirates. But there were kilt-clad tour boys.)

Saw some beaches.

My hot Spanish matador boyfriend. AKA, the most action I'll get this whole trip. On the left is my roommate, Bailey, who walked in wearing a Latin Club t-shirt the first day and has been bitching further into my heart every day since.

Made snooty faces at Caesar in a restaurant.


Wolf! Wolf!

These degenerated into me taking pictures to make my Latin teacher laugh. I can't be VP of Classics Club and not return with gold.

Maia and me at the Colosseum. Everyone thinks we're sisters. It's hilarious.

Made up with Caesar. Gave him some flowers.

Sky's still beautiful wherever you go~!

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The wolf statue is one of Romulus and Remus and the wolf that adopted them when they were orphaned 8D

And don't mock Caesar HE'LL COME HAUNT YOUR DREAMS.

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Looks like you are having a blast! Awesomeness, it all sounds really cool :)

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Oh wow! Awesome pictures! :D Sounds like you are having a great time!

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Oh so awesome!! I'd love to travel too! ♥

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y-you are so cute and so are these pictures why are you so cute.

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Wow, the clouds in that last picture are so awesome!